How To Lose Extra Skin From Pregnancy

How To Get Rid Of Your Pregnancy Extra Skin 

Lose Extra Skin From Pregnancy
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For some women the pregnancy is not over even when they are holding their sweet charming new born baby, the extra loose skin is a constant reminder from the pregnancy. For some women the extra skin left over from the pregnancy cause real agony and self esteem distress. If this situation is familiar to you, than you can cheer up, as there are some things you can do, to lose the pregnancy extra skin left. Read below tips and guidelines how to get rid of the unwanted skin folding down your abdominal.

It is wiser to begin the extra skin tighten program even before the baby is born, by giving the pregnant body the advantage for a better start, when the baby is born, when the physical recovery is expected. See programs like Pregnancy Without Pounds for example (see pic on right) where women prepared their recovery process, before the labor.

Getting Pre-Pregnancy Tight Belly

First of all, for most women, it would be wise not to expect to get the pre-pregnancy belly skin back. As most women did not get pregnant with a perfect body or perfect body ‘DNA plan’. The body had great changes during the nine month of pregnancy, and it is not reasonable to expect it all to disappear as if the changes never happened.

In some cases the pregnancy causes the belly muscles to separate, this causing loose muscles, with extra skin wobbling over the abs. If this is your case, than even 1000 sit-ups will not help, and the only way to get back the ‘natural’ look, is going through a tummy-tuck surgery procedure.

The second thing is that as much as the skin is elastic, it does not shrink instantly, after the pregnancy is over, it takes a few month to the body hormones to get back to their former levels. The loose skin is not the only post pregnancy symptom which may take a few month to recover. Spider veins during pregnancy may take a few month to disappear, the dark nipple areolas will need a few month to ‘fade’, and so it the regrowth of hair takes some while till it resumes.

Take Care Of The Extra Fat

When trying to lose extra skin from pregnancy, you need to know that it is the extra body fat you need to be fighting. During the pregnancy month the body was adding fat reserves for the baby. Now when the pregnancy is over, these fat layers are the cause for the flabby abs you have. So living a heath diet life with dedicated post pregnancy exercises is your goal for the up coming month.

Drink Water – Water keeps the skin elastic. If you want the skin to be elastic and be able to shrink, drink a lot of water daily (12 cups).

Aerobic Activity – Do aerobic activity, it speeds up the blood circulation, and sends more oxygen to the muscles, so they can burn more calories and fat. ASK YOUR PHYSICIAN first before you do anything. The best advice is to get a jogging stroller and do exercise outside with your baby.

Work On Muscle Strength – As mentioned before, you need to tighten your muscles and not your skin. In order to have flat abs do strength workout. This can include up to three times a week, working resistance bands, weights, body weight exercises. When you exercise the whole body, more muscles are burning fat. So the leaner you get, with less fat under the skin, the extra skin will look much more tight.

Do Abs Workout – Get some abs crunch machine, there are endless types of abs training techniques, sit-ups, criss-cross sit-ups. Working the abs muscles will help the area burn fat, become more firm, and the elastic skin could stretch.

Eat Healthy – There is no use, in sweating your guts out, if you plan to feed your body with fat oily foods. Decide for the sake of your baby, to discover the lifestyle you always wanted. Your partner will be happy too, because health stabilized diet, with fiber, fruits, and vitamins will make you more bright and vivid. (A child growing to healthy eating parents, has much more chances to succeed at school).

When breastfeeding keep on a healthy diet, it is not recommended to do drastic diet programs to ‘lose weight’ during breastfeeding month, because the baby needs a rich diet for best nutrition milk.


First of all, be patient, let the skin recover naturally from the labor, and adapt itself to the newborn baby. If you are breastfeeding be more patient, the body needs the extra calories, because it has to feed two. Once the breastfeeding is over, you can begin your new lifestyle makeover, and begin the journey to a flat belly and lose the extra skin from pregnancy.


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