How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Facial Hair

How To Remove Pregnancy Facial Hair

Get Rid Of Pregnancy Facial HairOne of the symptoms of pregnancy is the excessive body hair growth. This hair growth can be unpleasant and disturbing especially from the aesthetic point of view.

The good news is that pregnancy facial hair can be removed safely and easily when it is done correctly. Although the facial hair will drop of in the month following the delivery, most women would prefer to get rid of their pregnancy facial hair.

Pregnancy Facial Hair Growth

It is not a secret that the hair growth on new places over your body, is caused by the hormone changes happening in your body. While the body is preparing for the baby, it takes all the measures needed to protect the mothers body. Body hair naturally protects our skin from dirt, the sun, and  from rubs and bruises, it is usually growing over strategic locations like our head, pubic and underarms (chest).

Pregnancy facial hair growth can be seen usually at the sideburns, chin and upper lips. All the hair will eventually drop off in the month after the birth.

Shaving The Facial Hair

The shaving of the facial hair is not recommended, it might seem the most easy solution to get rid of pregnancy facial hair, but the opposite may happen. Shaving facial hair can cause the hair stubs to grow darker and be more stiff, and this is not what you plan.

Waxing Of Pregnancy Hair

Waxing facial hair can be a solution, but it is not a perfect solution. Waxing means the hair will be plucked from the roots. This usually cause skin redness and bumps. Red skin can be covered with makeup foundation, but it may still show as red patches. In case you decide to wax pregnancy facial hair, use the sensitive skin wax kits, and make sure not to over heat the wax, to avoid wax skin burns.

Some use some anesthetics cream over the upper lip and chin to make the waxing treatment less painful. See this anesthetics cream.

Magic Spring Facial Hair Removal

The most recommended and cheapest way to remove facial hair, is to use the spring device. This small spring is rolled over the skin gently, the iron spring turns to be a tiny epilator, which pulls off the facial hair. The spring costs less than $10, the plucking is felt but when done in one continuous movement the pain is mild.

Laser Hair Removal Pens

Pregnancy Facial Hair RemovalUnlike the home laser hair removal systems, which some are not recommended for use when pregnant, (see here on pregnancy hair removal) the laser pens are small safe devices. The laser beam tip is very narrow, and it can treat tiny spots with great precise. Many use the laser hair removal pens at the eyebrows where regular hair removal system are not allowed.

It is worth to know that the laser hair removal pens are long term method, and not an instant removal option. The laser treatment is eliminating only hair at their growth stage, so only some of the hairs (which are at that specific time at their growth stage) will be treated. The hair will drop off in a few weeks when they complete their growth cycle.

See here Facial Hair Removal Laser Pen

The sessions need to be done periodical, every week to cover all the hair within all their growth cycle.

Get Rid Of Pregnancy Hair With Home Electrolysis

Electrolysis Pregnancy Facial Hair RemovalOne simple way to get rid of unwanted pregnancy facial hair is to get a home electrolysis kit. These kits are rather cheap and are perfect for small skin areas like the chin, sideburns and upper lip. The main advantage, is that the treatment eliminates hair permanently. The hair removed will not grow back after an electrolysis session. See home electrolysis kits here.