Early Pregnancy Sign | Blue Veins On Hands

Blue Veins On Hands During Pregnancy

Many women know that one of the first signs of pregnancy are blue veins on the breasts. But when women see blue veins on the hands and arms they are not so sure if this is the same pregnancy symptom or a sign to something else.

Blue Veins On hands

Blue Veins On Hands During PregnancyWhen the woman body is pregnant, it is getting prepared to grow the baby. One f the first preparations is the increase in the pregnant woman blood volume, some women may expect the blood volume to increase by 20%-40%! This means the body fills the ever growing thin veins with more blood flow.

The pregnant woman’s body is covered with numerous thin blue lines, like a road map of veins. Most of the veins are usually seen on the breasts and over the sides of the abdominal where the main changes will take place.

But the increased blood volume and veins reach out to cover the whole body, to carry the excessive blood needed for the healthy baby growth. So veins appear on the hands during pregnancy is totally natural and expected.

Blue Veins on hands Early Sign Of Pregnancy

You can not expect only one symptom to be a early sign of pregnancy. Even missing a period is not a 100% sign of pregnancy. You should be more aware what other signs appear along side the blue veins on your wrist, palms, hands or arms.

If there are only blue lines over your hands and nothing on your breasts or stomach, the chances of it to be an early pregnancy sign are rather low. If the blue lines are appearing together with blue lines on breasts and other symptoms like breast tenderness than they can be part of the early signs.

Who Will See Pregnancy Veins On Hands

In most cases woman with pale or fair skin tone, will notice more ‘blue veins on hands’ during their pregnancy. Those with darker skin, will certainly notice the lines over the breasts and new veins across the stomach because those areas are usually less tan.. Dark skinned woman will probably not see the blue pregnancy veins on hands or arms.

The blue pregnancy veins can be seen usually on the inner part of the arm, from the wrist all the way up to the underarm.

Blue Veins on Hands Are Not Permanent

Unlike other pregnancy symptoms, the blue veins on hands is a temporary situation. The blue lines will fade away and dissolve once the baby is born or when the breast feeding is over. The blood volume will resume to it’s normal capacity, the veins will shrink back to the former size, so will the breasts and abdominal.

No pregnancy veins will be seen on hands or arms a few weeks after the delivery.

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