Can You Sleep on Your Right Side While Pregnant

Sleeping On The Right Side During Pregnancy

Many woman ask ‘can you sleep on your right side while pregnant?’. In this short post you will learn all there is to know about sleeping on the right hand side during pregnancy. During the pregnany, many women have a lot of sleeping issues, such as fatigue, vivid dreams, night cramps, night breast pains and other sleeping disorders.

Some of these issues are related to the recommendation to SOS (Sleep on Side) and especially sleep on the left side of the body.

Sleeping on Side During Pregnancy

The body hormonal changes cause the body of the pregnant woman to be in constant transformation, this causes a great fatigue throughout the nine pregnancy month. The body blood volume increases, the breast enlarge, the fetus is growing, and the belly is getting heavy from month to month.

The popular recommendation is that from the 3rd trimester you sleep on the left side. It is not that the right side is dangerous, but the body organs are placed better when you lie on your left.

Sleeping on Your Right Side While Pregnant

You can sleep on your right side while pregnant but you must know the three main effects to you and to the baby can be triggered by such sleeping position.

Cause Pregnancy Varicose Veins

First of all there is an important blood vein called ‘Vena Cava’ which runs from your heart down your right leg, this vein runs just below the uterus. When sleeping on your right side the Vena Cava’ is compressed by the uterus and the growing fetus.

The weight can cause varicose veins to develop first as pregnancy vaginal varicose veins and then later as leg varicose veins. Since the Vena Cava is a vein it returns the non oxygenated blood to the heart. When the veins is pressured by the weight of the inner organs, the non oxygenated blood is pooled at the lower part of the body, expanding the weak veins walls causing varicose veins at the feet and ankles.

Sleeping Position and Baby’s Blood Supply

Doctors have been monitoring the influence side and back sleeping has on fetus heart rate. It has been known that some babies heart rate decreased significantly when the mom is lying on back. The best sleeping position which promotes better blood flow to the fetus is when the mother is sleeping on the left side. So you can sleep on your right side, but sleeping on the left side would be better.

Right Side Sleeping and Pregnancy Digestion

When pregnant mothers sleep on the right side, they tend to develop heartburns more than mothers sleeping on the left side. Though the reason for this is not absolutely clear to the researchers, it is thought that on the right side sleeping the gastric acids are pushed up wards in the stomach.

The angle of the connection between the stomach and esophagus causes more heartburns when sleeping on the right than when sleeping on the left.

How To Sleep Better On the Left Side


Can you sleep on your right while pregnant
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Many women while pregnant ask about right hand side sleeping position, because they sleep better on the right side. If you have difficult time to sleep on your left you can sleep on your right side while pregnant

The body needs the full night sleep to recover and to build it self toward the next day. If non of the above occurred during your pregnancy, you can continue to sleep on your right without any worry.

If you have slept all the years on your right side, and now you can not fall a sleep on the left, you might need a pregnancy pillow assistance. A full body ‘U’ shape pregnancy pillow will make the night time sleeping much more cozy, comfortable and pleasant.

Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow, will help support the knees and thighs so the vein blood flow will not be clogged at night. The pregnancy pillow is a long soft sleeve very comfortable to squeeze between the legs. The support it provides allows a better night sleep on the right side and on the left side too.

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