Breast Tenderness And Blue Veins At Early Pregnancy

Breast Tenderness and Blue Veins At Early Pregnancy

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When a women knows she is pregnant she is probably not surprised to feel the breast tenderness, blue veins showing and the nipple sore feeling. For some women the tender breasts and the blue veins show up before the absolute knowledge of the pregnancy. This can happen as these symptoms are the usually the most early symptoms of pregnancy, even before the well known morning sickness and the fatigue.

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Why Breast Get Tender At Early Pregnancy

As you know conception occurs within 24 hours of ovulation, from then on you are on fast ride of gushing hormones that take in charge over your body. The hormones human chronic gonadotropin (hCG), estrogen and progesterone will increase as the pregnancy progresses, one of the first body changes will be the milk-producing glands increase in size. Pregnant women feel also cramps as the uterus and abdomen muscles will have to expand to take on the growing fetus.

Breast tenderness symptoms that show at early pregnancy first few weeks and first trimester, mostly include breast swelling, increased sensitivity to touch and pressure, soreness, aches and pain. The breast tenderness sometimes is followed with nipple tenderness  and darkening of the areolas.

Managing Tender Breasts

Pregnancy Sleeping braThe breast tenderness is felt especially when moving,  and some feel it at night when laying to sleep, and the tenderness and sensitivity prevent normal sleeping position.

As sleeping well is important for the pregnant women, some find relief in comfort bras and body pillows to help reduce the strain on the breasts and upper body.

These breast tenderness symptoms are not dangerous, and are 100% natural body changes, there is no need for medical treatment though many women seek ways to reduce the levels of agony they have to deal with. You can review some more except support bras and pillows further below.

Infections and Breast Pain

Part of the tenderness at the breasts can turn in some situations into real pain that needs medical attention. One infection you may want to read more about is Mastitis is an infection of the breast tissues that causes the breast to swell and become sore. This Mastitis is an infection caused due to blockage in the milk ducts, causing sore and pain. This is more common at the breastfeeding stage from a bacteria passing from the baby’s mouth to the breasts. Women who are not breastfeeding can also develop mastitis at the early pregnancy stages. In healthy women, mastitis is rare.

Why Blue Veins Show On Breasts At Early Pregnancy

As result of hormonal fluctuations, the breast tenderness is one of the first to be felt at the early signs of pregnancy. Your breasts are beginning the important transformation from a sexual organ for attractiveness and pleasure into there roll of a ‘baby feeding machine’. Breasts grow and expand, as the tissue increases in size, beside the tenderness of the breast tissues, veins are pushed to the surface of the skin. The expanding breast tissue will need more blood circulation and so the blood flow is increased.

When the blood which is full of oxygen is flowing near the skin surface, visible veins are seen usually as blue color lines crossing like spider web across the breasts.

Most women see the blue veins at the side of the breasts, where the stretching is mostly felt. They will later on may meet those blue pregnancy veins at the sides of the abdominal as the stretching will occur there too. Using special stretch mark oil can reduce or even eliminate those stretching marks.

For the stretch marks you can use one of the two stretch mark solutions:

What To Do About Blue Veins

It may be relaxing to know that most veins you see now on your breasts will fade after pregnancy is finished. Most women a few month after the delivery there will see no sign of them, however sometime the veins stay behind as a constant reminder. You may be able to diminish the appearance of the veins with a few simple home treatments.

Breasts Make Up – There is no way (and you do not want to stop the veins from being where they are..) so the best and most simple treatment is to use special make up  to cover the unwanted blue lines and diminish there bright presence. There is no “Breast Makeup” so it is possible to use the special ‘conceal varicose and spider veins’ body makeup – like this one. For better sun protection you may want body cover makeup with SPF protection, these makeup covers will hide the blue veins on your breasts.

Self  Tanner – Another way may be to use self tanner daily until desired color is obtained. Do not expose your skin to UV Tanning, this is extremely dangerous and is one of the main causes for skin cancer. There are self tanner creams or lotions that can hide blue veins, but self tanning spray have the best natural cover.

What To Do About Breast Tenderness

Creams and Lotions

There are several treatment and prevention methods all may help to reduce and lower the tenderness and discomfort of this symptom.

Vitamin K – Get some vitamin K enriched moisturizer and apply them to breasts on a daily base. The moisturizer will be helping to helping thicken the skin and with the Vitamin K spider veins products help collagen fiber production at the breast skin. The Collagen production will help maintain artery elasticity and the breast skin will be more flexible when enlarging. Get Spider veins creams.

Support Bra & Pillows

Pregnancy vein support BraWell Supporting Bra – You should know that the body changes may mean getting new clothing and underwear, one important piece of clothing you should make sure you have:

Invest in a good bra now to prevent stretching and sagging later on. Supporting the breasts will regulate blood flow and cause unsightly breast veins to fade and return to normal positioning. Supporting pregnancy bra should be firm enough to hold your breasts while walking, not allowing them them to jump, this will help your tender feeling and the blue veins.

If you use your regular bras or think of not using any bra at all, take note that unsupported breasts have an increased blood flow due to gravitational pull and more blue veins will develop.

Cotton Sleeping Bra + Pillow – If you feel the tenderness pains mainly at night, then two small things can reduce the discomfort and help you sleep better. Get a cotton sports bra and wear it to bed if your breasts are uncomfortable while sleeping.

You may need pregnancy support sleeping pillow as new sleeping position may be needed to reduce the breast discomfort. Body support pillow will be useful all along the pregnancy night as the growing belly will interfere with the ways you used to fall asleep.

Untouchable Breasts and Your Love Life

Your Partner – Make sure your partner is aware of the new situation, and the tender breasts and nipples, ask him to proceeds with caution during lovemaking — and even hugging. Let him know what’s OK to touch, and how.

Since nine full pregnancy month are ahead of you and if having sex is important to you and your partner, you might want to consider getting lovemaking toys. There is no need for embarrassment you can get ‘love toys’ which are especially for pregnancy month with fun guides for him and her.

If your belly grew and some positions are uncomfortable, you can try placing a pillow. This is helping couples support themselves to very pleasurable pregnancy intercourse. It is not recommended to neglect the partner while pregnancy, as he may feel left out and frustrated.

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Having tender breasts will not be permanent, after the first trimester the tender feeling will decrease, and other symptoms will come..


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