Breast Leaking Clear Fluid During Pregnancy

Clear Milk Fluid Leaking Symptom

Many women at the second and third trimester encounter the premilk symptom. This symptom is very common, many women may see one day that their breasts are leaking clear fluid during pregnancy.

There is no reason to worry, as this sign is a healthy sign that the milk production glands inside the breasts are normal, and the body is preparing itself for breastfeeding. Read here more about why breasts are leaking clear fluids during pregnancy and how to learn to live with this pregnancy symptom in peace.

Expected Breast Changes During Pregnancy

As the estrogen and progesterone hormones take over the body through the early pregnancy trimesters, one of the symptoms you may feel right away will be the changing of your breasts. As nature prepares your breasts for the important role of breastfeeding, you will notice the breast changing during your pregnancy.

The beginning will be blue veins across your breasts, this is one of the first pregnancy symptoms women see, at the early stages of pregnancy. The second will be the breasts becoming more swollen, stretched and tender to touch.

Through the second trimester the breasts size will increase, as the breasts tissue grows and expands. The breasts milk glands are starting to produce pre-milk before the baby is even born. In some cases there will be more pregnancy hair growth on and around the nipples.

Glands of Montgomery or Montgomery’s tubercles symptom are the small bumps around the nipples they lubricate the dry areola skin so it will not crack, and get infected while the breasts expand. The Glands of Montgomery or Montgomery’s tubercles are part of the preparation of the body toward breastfeeding and nourishing the baby.

At the third trimester the most common breast symptom change will be the darkening of the nipples. The areola around the nipples gets a darker tone as the body is preparing the breasts to be visible to the newborn which has a low sight capabilities at their first weeks. Having dark nipples during pregnancy with the breasts skin tone around it remaining light, helps the baby find the breasts and breastfeed more easily and naturally.

Pre Milk Leaking From Breasts Is Normal

Many women get confused by the term ‘milk’ or pre-milk’, when referring to pre-milk (colostrum) some might expect it to be white fluid as milk should be. But the truth is that the pre-milk that may leak from the mammary glands during the pregnancy is usually yellowish or clear. This clear pre-milk discharge fluids are normal.

What Is This Clear Colostrum Fluid

Colostrum milk is the first food the baby will naturally have in their first days until the mom’s milk will exchange it.  The clear or yellow colostrum has higher nutritious protein, and less carbohydrate and fat than regular mother’s milk. The clear colostrum has high antibodies to protect the baby from diseases and infections.

Clear fluid pre-milk leakage is normal as early as 20-24 weeks . Even though it is normal, many women will not experience it at the third trimester at all, and this is normal too 🙂

Many women who have milk leaking from breast during pregnancy in most cases will have abundant milk supply later on while breastfeeding. The body prepares itself for feeding the newborn and prepares more milk than it really needs (enough to nourish twins). The abundant milk supply is healthy as long as it is not overabundant, and if it is, in most cases once the baby feeding turns into a daily routine, the production will slow down to adjust the baby needs.

Why There is Clear Fluid Leaking

Why is it normal to see clear fluid Colostrum leakage from breasts? Because the body colostrum production begins long before the baby is born and when the breasts are ready at the third trimester for the baby feeding, the clear fluid colostrum milk will leak out. There are several reasons why the clear fluid is leaking from the pregnancy breasts.

  • The milk glands in some women breasts may be smaller than other women, so even with normal colostrum production rate, the glands may leak;
  • The clear fluid pre-milk production can begin earlier at the second trimester, so even with normal colostrum production rate the milk glands gets filled sooner and leaks sooner.
  • The clear colostrum may be produced excessively and leak as the milk glands gets full.

When Pregnancy Breasts Leak

Some may feel breasts pains before leaking and other find that the leaking occurs while sleeping or when the breasts are pressed. When the colostrum leaking from breasts during pregnancy is thick and yellow it may get your shirts or bra wet and unpleasant. When the leakage is clear fluid it at least does not stain the cloth and can be washed off more easily.

What To Do If Your Breasts Leak Milk During Pregnancy

There are several things you may want to do, if your breasts start leaking clear fluids during pregnancy. You will need to think about prevention, bra support and protection and manual ways to keep pre-milk levels down.

Nursing Pads. The first thing is to make sure you place nursing pads inside your bra. The nursing pads are not expensive and they will absorb the clear fluid leaking easily. For some women it is not leaking but milk spraying out when the breasts are pressured, for them pads are a must as the milk spray will stain cloth and bras.

Investing in nursing pads is more cheap than having your pregnancy support bras get ruined either by the pre-milk stains or because you had to wash the bras over and over again. Finding the right nursing pads is easy, because they are actually more or less the same, and all known brands will do fine.

Learn when your breasts leak, and why. If your breasts leak while they are pressed or pressured then you might need to think of changing your pregnancy bras. For some women the breasts leak when in specific position like leaning at the shop counter or bending over a window. For others the breast leak only when intimate with their husband and during sexual intercourse.

Breasts leaking at night. If you leak clear fluid at night you may want to have a clean towel over the bed so it will not stain your bedsheets. Another option may be to cover the breasts night with a soft hand towel and hold it in place with a T shirt. A more elegant solution may be to use one of these soft pregnancy snuggle bras  that cover the breasts softly, so you do not have to sleep with a bra all night.

Breasts leaking at daytime. If your breasts tend to leak during working daytimes, you may want to use nursing pads inside your bra to protect your cloth. Another idea may be to wear black cloth or colorful patterns shirts that may disguise any leakage on the shirts. Or make sure you have cardigan or jacket close by to wear if your breasts leaked clear fluid which stained your cloth.

Expressing clear fluid ‘milk’ more often may help reduce the unplanned leaks. Try to manage the expressing before you expect the leakage so the amount that may leak is reduced. Some women feel some tingling or pain before the leaking so once you are familiarized with your own sensation, express some pre-milk fluid priorly.


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