Workout Solution For Busy Pregnant Women

Workout For Busy Pregnant Moms

Workout For Pregnant Women Who Are Too BusyKeeping a daily routine of workout is important for pregnant moms. Here is an idea how busy pregnant women can do daily workout even during the most tight schedules. Being a mom means having a full time job at home, when a mom is pregnant with her second or third child, there is no free time for exercise, no free time to jog, no spare time to go to the gym.

Due to weak vein valves, many women develop varicose veins during pregnancy. These swollen veins down the legs and thighs are a cosmetic problem and a medical issue too because they can turn to painful varicosities. Swollen veins can appear also as vaginal varicose veins which are unpleasant and painful too. Keeping a healthy fit schedule can reduce dramatically many side effects of the pregnancy symptoms.

The best recommendation to reduce the chance for varicose veins or spider veins during the pregnancy, is to do 30 minutes of daily activity. It can be walking, cycling or swimming.  Doing pregnancy exercise can reduce varicose veins, increase the blood circulation, help maintain a healthy weight, and support return back to the nice figure before the pregnancy.

Today More Pregnant Moms Are Busy

Pregnancy workout for busy moms
$400 Treadmill For Home Workout

In the past pregnant women had the chance to be at home do some house work and rest. Those who wished to keep fit during their pregnancy bought a $400 treadmill and did all the workout at home. It is a great idea, cause the treadmill saves all the time needed to drive to the gym and also saves money because a treadmill is a one time investment, unlike a gym pass.

But having a treadmill may be a good solution for non-busy pregnant women, who have an hour a day to walk or jog on the treadmill daily. But most pregnant women today are more busy.

Today pregnant women may they have their day job + have duties at home to take care of one or two kids too.. 

Having 1-2 kids at home means there is NO FREE TIME for anything (I know cause I have three kids..). So sparing an hour for walking on a treadmill daily becomes an impossible mission for busy pregnant women.

Busy Schedule + Pregnant + Workout

So the big question is how pregnant moms who has a busy schedule can keep doing mild activity when there is so much more things to do at home or at work. The answer is the fantastic treadmill desk workstation.

This desk mounts on the treadmill, and is sturdy enough to hold a laptop, papers, notebook, iPad and other stuff. This means that reading morning emails, evening news, or surfing the web can be done while walking. Remember all it takes is 30 minutes a day, of mild walking, to reduce the risks of several pregnancy side symptoms.

Treadmill Desk Workstation For Busy Moms

See this video clip of the treadmill desk workstation used in an office, where busy women do workout during office hours!

Treadmill Desk Workstation For Busy Moms
Treadmill Desk Workstation For Busy Moms

Here are some more ideas busy moms which are also pregnant can be do, while working out on the treadmill desk workstation:

    • Fold laundry.
    • Cut a salad.
    • Check kids homework.
    • Read a book or favorite magazine
    • Watch TV, or a movie.
    • Do fingernail manicure
    • Put makeup.
    • Apply night serum and moisturizing cream.
    • Do crosswords.
    • Drink their coffee.
    • Prepare next morning school sandwiches.
    • Answer work emails.

You can find here more on the treadmill desk workstation

In fact there are endless of options to use the 30 minutes on the treadmill for some other activity, which otherwise would have been done somewhere else. The treadmill desk can be the difference between a 30 minutes a day of busy schedule pregnancy workout or zero workout due to lack of spare time..