6 Tips For Running With a Baby Jogger

Go Running With a Baby Jogger

Tips For Running With a Baby Jogger
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Running is a healthy activity, but some moms once a new baby has arrived, they quit running. Here are tips for running with a baby jogger. These tips will help you keep your running program if you are trying to loose pregnancy weight. Running and doing other fitness exercises can help pregnant women reduce some of the pregnancy side effects like pregnancy varicose veins.

Taking your baby with you for jogging is a cheaper solution than hiring a babysitter every time you wish to have a pleasant jog at the park.

Baby Jogger Not For Newborn Babies

The rule of thumb is that until the baby can hold it’s head upright, sitting in a jogger is not recommended. Most baby joggers are designed for six month till 4-5 years. So investing in a good jogger is a wise investment. There are some neck supports for smaller babies which hold their head while sitting in a jogger.

Pick a Smooth Running Route

For young babies choosing your running terrain is important, bumpy tracks are not suitable for running with a baby in a jogger. Streets and roads can be smooth but they have their risks from crossing traffic and parking cars, bicycles and other street hazards. Cross country running with a baby jogger is also not a good idea, because the offbeat track will toss and shake the baby. The most recommneded courses are the park lanes, which are smooth asfalt, with a clear view ahead, and no motor traffic near by.

Support and Safety In a Baby Jogger

Make sure your baby is snugly strapped in the baby jogger. The straps should hold the baby tightly in the seat. Loose straps are dangerous because older babies quickly learn how to escape those and they will be in a risk to be thrown off at any road bump. Make sure you have plenty of neck support for your baby especially if they are below 8 month.

Buy ONLY The Best Baby Jogging Strollers

Safety Tips For Running With Your Baby Jogger
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There are some parameters for choosing the best baby joggers. The top brands are the best strollers which have been tested and improved over the years. Though they might cost a few more bucks more, their safety is ultimate, and your baby wellbeing deserves it.

The running baby jogger should be 100% stable! Even at the sharpest turns, it should never tip over or even sway side ways.

Look for 5 harness straps, anti-slip handle grips, a wheel brake lock, a wrist strap to keep the baby jogger at a hand reach at all times.

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Always Use The Baby Jogger’s Wrist Strap

Baby running joggers are smooth easy going strollers. The slightest push will cause them to roll away easily. This is the most important safety tip for baby joggers: When running with a stroller, you should always keep the stroller attached to your hand with the wrist strap. When pushing the baby jogger in front of you or running downhill the strap will hold the jogger from getting out of reach. 

Is The Baby Comfortable While You Run

It is easy to being a run and ‘forget’ the baby who is sitting upfront in the baby jogger. Here are some tips for a pleasant workout time for you and for the baby.

Make sure the baby is protected from sun exposure, apply sun screen on legs if those are not shaded by canopy. If running at cold weather, make sure the baby is warm and covered, they will be getting a lot of wind during your run.

Do not run with iPod ear-buds or you will not hear when the baby is crying.

Take the baby’s diapers and wipes, the baby might need a change. Take water bottle for the baby too.

Stay well off traffic roads.

At low light environments make sure to wear reflective running gear for your safety.

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Taking Your Baby For a Jog

See below top ranked, highly reviewed baby running joggers aviliable at Amazon. 

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Running is healthy for you. Running can help you lose weight from pregnancy leftovers. Babies love the ride in a jogger it is interesting for them, the scenery is colorful, they like the feeling of breeze in their cute face.

So lace up at take your kid for a jog.