Pregnancy Hair Removal Methods

How to Safely Remove Hair While Pregnant

Many pregnant women face the same issues when it comes to personal hygiene, and regular hair removal methods seem unsafe for pregnancy. Are there any risks in pregnancy hair removal? What can be done and what you might want to consider to delay after the delivery? In this review you can read about pregnancy hair removal methods safety tips and risks you should know of.

Hairy When Pregnant

The substantial pregnancy hormone changes take effect on all the pregnant body systems and the hair growth is only one other hormonal system that gets ‘crazy’ during the first and second trimesters.

  • Many women find more hair growing at places they used to know as more smooth.
  • Places where hair was fair and silky can turn dark and coarse.
  • Hair grow on new places mainly facial (upper lips, sideburns and chin) bottom of abdominal, bikini line and pubic hair, and around the nipples.

The body uses the hair as a protection layer from dirt and skin protection, that is why our hair grows around the most important organs (hair on head, hair around sex organs) when the body is pregnancy symptoms begin the body protects it self with new layers of hair some of which are connected to the new baby delivery.

This new hair growth will not stay for ever, it will decease and fall in the month following the labor as the hormones calm down and the body DNA code turns back to the regular hormone level.

Removing Unwanted Pregnancy Hair

Many women still choose to remove body hair, if its either the new pregnancy hair or just remove unwanted body hair they had before the pregnancy.

Shaving Unwanted Hair

The best way, most safe way, and sometime the cost effective way to remove unwanted body hair at pregnancy is shaving. This can be done on all body areas: facial hair, pubic and gentile hair and all other skin areas. You may need a shaving gel and brand new shaving blades. Since shaving is not expensive, it is worth to invest in the top shaving blades (Gillette) for the most smooth shave without cuts and nicks.

It is recommended to shave after a warm bath or shower when the hair is moist and conditioner was applied. Shaving is a short term solution and need follow up shavings every other day.

Electric Shavers For Pregnancy

The most convenient way to keep a smooth body and the safest way too, it to  use an cordless electric shavers. There are plenty of types and brands the leading ones are Philips or Braun for body hair epilator or shavers and the famous ‘Clean Cut’ for smooth pubic hair and bikini line trimming. Those electric shavers make shaving more quick and clean so you can stay feminine and smooth through out the pregnancy.

Waxing While Pregnant

Waxing can be a hair removal solution which lasts longer, there is no risk when you wax hair on body parts like legs, arms and facial. If you are new to waxing you may want to start with a beginners wax kit. Getting hot wax on abdominal at the third trimester is not recommended, the skin is stretched and sensitive and hot wax can cause cramps which may be unpleasant. The same goes for pubic waxing or upper thigh hair removal it is not recommended at the late third trimester.

Electrolysis While Pregnant

Electrolysis is a method where a tiny thin needle s inserted to the hair shaft and an electric current is passed to the root of the hair. This is a slow process as each hair needs to be treated at a time. Electrolysis is the only true permanent hair removal method as the root of the hair is destroyed. Home Electrolysis kits are not expensive and are safe for all body parts at the pregnancy, especially for facial hair removal upper lip, chin, eyebrows & sideburns.

There are two risks from electrolysis you should know about, electrolysis hair removal on abdominal, bikini and pubic at the late third trimester is not recommended. The electric current feels like a short ‘buzzzz’ snap which may cause the sensitive abdominal for cramps reaction.

The second risk is that some electrolysis devices use Galvanic Electrolysis which work a little differently. In the Galvanic way, a gel is used to cause a chemical reaction at the skin that carries the electric current to the hair roots. This is called galvanic electrolysis. This method is NOT recommended for pregnant women and as the short currents are the last thing the fetus or the baby who is surrounded by fluids needs.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the most common hair removal methods are laser or IPL hair removal methods. Those Laser or IPL machines can be bought on any online store, the leading brands are TRIA laser, Silk’n SensEpil, DM 6000 laser or the Me my Elos hair removal.

Except for these home systems there are plenty of aesthetics clinics and Med Spas which use much stronger lasers from different kinds like Alexandrit laser , Ruby laser  and other kinds.

Since there are not enough studies about the laser for hair removal and pregnancy, most doctors would recommend to delay the laser treatments after the delivery.

In some places around the web it was notified that laser treatments on the legs, arms, back and facial can be carried out at the first trimester only, as the light energy hair removal penetrates only the top part of the dermis (skin layers) and does not have any long term effects when used properly. Laser treatments or IPL are not recommended at the bikini line, or lower abdominal because the ‘zapping’ pain can cause unwanted cramps. Laser hair removal on the breasts at the last trimester is not recommended too as the light can reach the milk glands and cause unwanted side effects which have not yet been researched.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are an easy and rather cheap way for hair removal. The hair removal creams use a chemical reaction that breaks down the hair cells and cause them to dissolve or fall off. There is no threat or risks using these creams as long as they are creams you have used before (if not check on a small spot to see skin reaction).

One risk is that those creams have chemical odor, so when you use them do it in a ventilated place so you do not breath all the odor. Use the facial hair creams or creams for sensitive skin, as they are milder for use. These creams for sensitive skin are some times marketed also as bikini line creams too.


Pregnancy month does not mean women looks should be neglected. Many pregnant women remove hair from all body places so they can keep feel like they did before the pregnancy changes began. Most women keep a bare body with the electric shavers like the Clean Cut or the other recomended epilators like the wet & dry Braun epilator which many women recommend.