How To Handle Harassers While Walking

What To Do When Harassed While Doing Sport

Running Safely While Pregnant
How To Run Safely While Pregnant

Walking and running are a great way pregnant women can keep fit and healthy. Doing any kind of mild sport is recommended during your first pregnancy trimesters. Doing mild sport during the second and third trimesters are healthy too as long as you consult your doctor to match the activity type to your condition.

But many pregnant women who like to walk, jog or run, prefer not to do it because they get harassed by other male runners or youngsters at the running routes.

Tips to handle Women Runner Harassers

1. The first tip is to keep going. If you hear someone shout or yell at you, do not stop to talk or to answer. Though very annoying just keep running or walking. You are not his mother (thanks god) so don’t bother to educate him, it is probably too late.

2. Plan your walking route or running track in populated places. Do not walk in isolated places, parks or parts of your city. Make sure you have 2-3 routes to avoid a predicted routine.

3. Tell someone where you plan to walk. Stick to your plan.

4. Carry a cell-phone with you. Running or walking with some electronic communication will give you the feeling you are not alone.

5. If you can walk or run with a partner. It might be another pregnant woman or a neighbor. When two women walk together there are less chances they will be harassed.

6. Keep a confidence pace. If someone shouts or yells at you while you walk. Keep walking at a confident pace, lift your chin, stare frontward, walk with power elbows. If your harasser is far away, get your cell phone out, they will see you do that and back away.

7. Be aggressive. If someone stands in your way or tries to pull you aside, be aggressive. A short push and shout “Stay Away” will cool most harassers. If you are attacked than you might need to use a quick Krav Maga moves to fold the bastard as you move away.

8. If you are not sure Krav Maga (self defense) will be useful when pregnant you can always use a women protection gadget like the Personal Rape/Jogger/Student Emergency Alarm. These have saved many women walking and running, and will scare off any attacker.

Harassed While Walking Pregnant

Being harassed is always a terrible experience, but being harassed while pregnant might have even more severe results. A simple over step or even the trauma can cause pregnancy disorders. Do your best to keep in shape, as long as you do it safely.