How to Eliminate Breast Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Eliminating Breast Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Eliminate Pregnancy Stretch Marks On BreastsMany women worry how to Eliminate Breast Stretch Marks During Pregnancy. In this post we will help you understand how breast stretch marks can be prevented and treated. The most common stretch marks are usually the belly stretch marks, but many women may see during the pregnancy that they tend to develop breasts stretch marks too.

Why Do Pregnancy Stretch Marks Develop On Breasts

The human skin is made from several layers. The Collagen is in charge of the elastic ability of the skin allowing the skin to stretch and be flexible. When the skin is growing too fast, the collagen layer is torn away and separated from the skin, causing stretch marks to appear.

When the skin is pale the stretch marks will be seen as red/brownish lines, at the sides of the breasts. When the skin is dark, the stretch marks will be seen as pink lines.

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the enlargement of the breasts. Most women will feel the breast become heavy and tender during the first trimester. During the second and third trimesters the breasts continue to grow and enlarge. When this happens faster than the skin is able to produce, stretch marks will develop. Stretch marks show on 70% of the pregnancies, they can be seen on sides of breasts, buttocks, belly, abdominal and thighs.

How To Eliminate Breasts Stretch Marks

If developing pregnancy stretch marks is in your genes than there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening. There are several guidelines which may help you eliminate the risk of stretch marks on breasts.

Overweight – If you gain too much weight during the pregnancy, there are greater chances that the breasts will be more heavy than needed. Thy and keep your weight in the normal scales. If you think you need help, invest a little and get the best pregnancy weight control guide – Pregnancy without pounds.

Supportive maternity bra – The breast stretch marks occur because the weight of the heavy breasts pulls the breasts and tears the skin. Wearing a pregnancy bra during most of the day can help eliminate the chance of stretch marks to appear. Here is a post about how to buy the right kind of pregnancy bra. A supportive pregnancy bra needs to have wide shoulder straps and a wide underband.

If you do not have a pregnancy bra, you should buy 2-3 of those, wearing them constantly will eliminate stretch marks and back aches.

Creams and lotions – Several creams which can be bought OTC (over the counter) are known to be treating breast stretch marks successfully. Though the creams may not help everyone in the same way, there are enough pregnant women reviews on specific products which do a better job than others.

One of the best creams for treating stretch marks is the Pregnancy Stretch Marks Belly Kit – Premium 100% Natural Skin Tummy Butter 1.7 oz & Lavender Soap 3.4 oz – Shea, Cocoa, Coconut, Jojoba, Olive & Almond Oils Blend Set, it contains Vitamin E, C, and Collagen repairing agents. When seeing hundreds of positive reviews at Amazon, you can know that thousands of women are buying this cream.

Drink Water – It is known that when the skin cells are dehydrated they are loosing their elastic and flexibility. The growing baby inside the womb is getting most of the water and liquids, to eliminate the breast stretch marks you ought to drink more.

Breast Stretch Marks Are Not Forever

If you did not manage to eliminate all pregnancy stretch marks on breasts, do not be too worried, the stretch marks on your breasts will dissolve within the 12 month after the labor. The body Collagen eventually will recovers from the pregnancy changes.

For most women applying the right treatment of belly stretch mark oils and butters, tummy and breast stretch marks will not be noticeable. For some women thin lines in a different tone may still appear at the sides of the breasts.

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