How to Buy the Right Pregnancy Bra

Buying The Best Pregnancy/Maternity Bra

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When it comes to the pregnant women well being, buying the right support pregnancy bra is one of the essential things to know. In this short guide we will uncover all the things you need to know before you buy a pregnancy bra.

The right pregnancy bra for you should be comfortable and supportive. The breasts during the first pregnancy trimesters become heavy and sensitive. Most regular bras hold the breasts for maximum feminine curves but do not support heavy pregnant breasts.

Before You Buy a Bra Measure Your Breasts

Before you look for online shopping sites to buy your bra, you need to know your bra size measurement. There are two kinds of measurements you need to preform.

  1. Measure your rib cage, just below your bust. This is your band measurement.
  2. Measure your bust at the fullest part of the breasts. This is your cup measurement.

How to Calculate Pregnancy Bra Cup Size

In both measurement make sure the tape is horizontal, make sure it is not loose not too tight. You want the bra size to be exact as possible.

For the ‘under bust’ figure – If the measurement is even, add 4″, If the measurement is odd, add 5″. Now you have your bra band size.

Now subtract the band size result (+4 or +5) from the cup size result. You can see your cup size at this bra size conversion chart.

Watch this clip to learn more about the process of measuring the right pregnancy bra for your needs.

When To Buy a Pregnancy Bra

The best time to buy a pregnancy bra is usually during the fourth month of the pregnancy. During the first trimester you will notice that the breasts become too tender and even painful to touch. This is because one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is blue veins and heavy breasts. During the fourth month, the breasts grow and expand and really require a maternity bra.

Heavy breast mean more muscle strain on the lower back, an enlarging rib cage may cause other bras to be too tight and uncomfortable. Without a proper support bra you may begin to see stretch marks on the side of the breasts and under the arms, because the weight of the enlarges breasts is too heavy for the regular bras.

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Pregnancy Bra Buying Tips

Straps – When you shop for a new pregnancy bra, take a look at the shoulder straps. these need to carry most of the weight. thin straps may be nice and sexy but they have difficult time to support the maternity breasts.

Support – The second thing you should look for in a good supportive pregnancy bra, is a wide under-band. A wide underband will help the straps carry some of the pregnancy breasts weight.

Cups – The third thing to look for in a pregnancy supportive bra are comfortable cups. you do not want a sexy lace you want a smooth gentle silk touch.

Closure – Your body is in constant change, you will need to have the ability to loosen or tighten the bra to fit your changing needs. When you buy a pregnancy bra, Buy the size you can close at the tightest hook, so you can expand it as your breast grow during last trimester and during breastfeeding month.

Colors – Just like with regular bras you can pick what ever color you like and fits your other clothes. Many women buy the neutral ‘skin tone’ colors, others buy the white or black colors for special occasions.

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Where to Buy Pregnancy Bras

There are online shops where you can buy pregnancy bras. The largest online store is Amazon, where they sell thousands of pregnancy bras from all the top brands. The best part about Amazon is their shipping and service! Unlike smaller retailers Amazon can stand any weird refund request, with their buying satisfaction guarantee.

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On top of this Amazon has some of the best products reviewed by real customers. If a bra is good for hundreds of other women, it will probably be good for you too.