HOW TO: Buy a Safe Baby Changing Table

Buy a Safe Changing Table For Your Baby

When it comes to buying a changing table or baby nursery furniture, it is important to buy safe furniture for babies. There are plenty of risks for the baby if placed on a non safe changing table. Read below how to buy a safe changing table for your baby.

Baby Falls From Changing Table

The most fatal accidents to a baby on a changing table, might be to fall off the top of the dresser. This can happen to anyone anytime! There are several tips for baby safety on a changing table, and the most important tips is never to leave the baby unattended, not even for a second!

When you are looking for a diaper or wipes always put a palm on the baby when not watching him.

You can prevent baby falls by buying a safe baby changing table. The table top should have 3 side railings at least. The side railings will prevent the baby from flipping over, and will prevent the top mattress to slip sideways. Cheap tables have less railings or non at all, for your safety pick only those tables who have 3 railings or side borders.

If you know the exact place where the changing table will be placed, and that location has wall at the back of table, then two side railings are enough.

Baby Safety Straps & Anti Slip Mattress

The changing table is the wooden furniture, the changing will take place on a mattress. Some people invest in a proper changing table dresser, but get cheap when it comes to buying the matching mattress. The mattress has two safety features you should be looking for before you buy a changing mattress.

The mattress should have safety straps, those will prevent the baby from flipping off the table. The straps are placed over the baby, and disable its ability to turn sideways.

The changing top mattress should have an anti-slip cover at the bottom, so it will not slip WITH the baby strapped off the table. If you have bought the safe changing tables with the railings, then this horrible scenario is rare. If you decide to buy a changing table with no border sides, then the anti-slip foam on the bottom of the mattress is a life saving feature!

Sturdy and Solid Safe Changing Table

A safe changing table should be solid and sturdy. There are some minimal designs which are like match sticks glued together. These might have a nice design,but when the baby grows, it kicks, moves, wobbles on the table. They are at risk of tipping over.

The changing table should be able to hold the baby when it is born and when it is 8-12 month old too.

If there are older brothers or sisters, they approach to take a look, they climb on the changing table to take a peek at their little brother/sister. If the table is beautiful but not strut, it may collapse with the baby on top when climbed on.

Clothes, Wipes and Diapers Close at Hand

A changing table is safe when all the things you need for changing your baby are close at hand. Most of the fatal accidents, where babies fell off the tables happened when the parent left the baby ‘for a second’ just to bring a diaper or wipes which were somewhere else close by.

Make sure the baby furniture you buy has enough storage space. The space should not only be wide and spacious but be close at hand. Prefer to buy a changing table which has compartments for wipes and diapers at reach in a basket or drawer.

Changing tables which comply with these safety tips:

Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table

This table has four side borders, wide handy compartments.

Safe Baby Changing Tables
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LIst Price: $189

Amazon Price: $139

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 South Shore Furniture – Changing Table

It is a strudy table with three side borders, with open space shelves and 2 drawers.

Sturdy Safe Baby Changing Table
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List Price: $180

Amazon Price: $166

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Babyletto Modo 3-Drawer Changer

This changer has four side border railings, sturdy wooden structure and legs, with 3 wide drawers.

Safe Baby Changing Dresser Table
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List Price: $439

Amazon Price: $379

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