Get Pregnant Fast? Use a Digital Fertility Monitor

Digital Fertility Monitor to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant requires you to be fertile. But detecting the fertile days is not a simple task, unless you use a digital fertility monitor. What these digital fertility monitors do, is they check two main factors and reach an average accuracy of 99%!

The digital fertility monitors look for two key ovulation hormones, which without them getting pregnant chances is very low. The hormones checked are luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen.

Digitally Detection of Fertility Days

Most ovulation detectors may find 1-2 days of peak fertility days, but there are 4-5 more fertile days which get slipped by other non digital fertility detectors because they check only one factor and not two. Here is an explanation on ovulation cycles by the Clear Blue Digital Fertility Monitor website:

The level of estrogen in your body is still increasing and it eventually causes a rapid rise in Luteinizing Hormone (often called the ‘LH surge’). This LH surge gives the ripening egg the final push it needs to fully ripen and be released from the follicle. This process is known as ovulation.

Many women think that they ovulate on day 14, but this isn’t always the case. Your day of ovulation will vary depending on your cycle length. Some women feel a twinge of pain when they ovulate, but many feel no sensation at all and there’s no other sign that you are ovulating.. Read more..

How To Use a Digital Fertility Monitor

Pros and Cons Of Digital Fertility Monitor



  • Ideal for woman whose menstrual cycle last three to six weeks
  • Simple instructions
  • Manages menstruation cycle day to day
  • 99% accurate
  • Alerts user if she has missed her starting date of her next cycle



  • Urine test sticks must be purchased each cycle
  • Urine based fertility monitor so it can be “messy”

What Is The Comparative Advantage Of The Clear Blue Digital Fertility Monitor?

Unlike other systems, the Clear Blue Digital Fertility Monitor tracks not just one but two specific hormones affiliated with a woman’s ovulation. As her optimal time for conception approaches these hormones elevate, signalling that ovulation will soon occur.

Exceeding the competition, this fertility monitor’s reliable data collection, along with its computerized analysis can reliably predict with certainly when she is fertile to conceive. By using this system over others, she gets the benefit of knowing her peak days of fertility and her high days, increasing her chances for pregnancy. Read more..

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