Folding Elliptical Machine For Pregnancy Workout

Folding Elliptical Machine For Pregnant Women

As you may know doing daily workout and fitness is very important for anyone and especially for pregnant women. The pregnancy workout should be fun and safe. There are several of options out there for mild daily exercise for women, one of which is training on elliptical machines. Here is our review on folding elliptical machines for pregnancy.

Why To Do Pregnancy Workouts

There are numerous reasons why women should maintain a fit during their pregnancy. Doing mild activity on a daily basis, will keep blood circulating, and may reduce the risk for varicose veins symptoms while pregnant. Those varicose veins appear because the veins walls are weakened due to hormonal changes, and blood is not streaming properly upward from the lower body. Doing 60 minutes a day of mild pregnancy exercise will reduce varicose veins and can even prevent them altogether.

Some women find that during the pregnancy they ‘eat for two’, they eat more calories than they actually need for the healthy development of the baby. They will notice that they need to slow weight gain during pregnancy. The first thing to do is to quite the fat and sugar overdoses they eat. These empty calories will become nothing but useless body fat. The second thing is to begin exercising daily!

Which Exercise Is Best For Pregnancy

Any exercise is better than no exercise. You need to try and do anything to keep your body in motion. Some women go running at the first and second trimester, because that what they love to do, it calms the mind to jog outside.

At the third trimester women move to treadmills so they can walk or jog at home. Treadmills are safer for pregnant women than running outside, because there is no traffic and less chances to fall or get dehydrated.

But treadmill are high impact machines when used for running, and walking on them may require hours of exercise to burn fat or raise the heart rate. They might become unsafe at the third trimester because pregnant women tend to lose balance at the 8-9 month.

Elliptical Trainers For Pregnancy Workout

When comparing elliptical vs treadmills for pregnancy workout, the elliptical trainers have an advantage over treadmills.

  • They have a smooth movement which does not injure the knees or ankles,
  • Elliptical trainers burn more fat and calories than walking on treadmills,
  • Elliptical machines are full body workout, because the arms are trained too,
  • Elliptical device is more silent than treadmill’s ‘silent’ motors and moving belt,

The main advantage home treadmills had is that they are folding! So they can be nicely stored under the bed or behind the door.

Gazelle Folding Elliptical Machine

cheap Elliptical machine for pregnancy
Low Cost - Gazelle Edge Folding Elliptical Machine

The Gazelle Edge folding elliptical machine can be a great solution for daily exercise for pregnant women. The Gazelle has full gliding motion, so each woman can adjust her stride to the machine. Holding the upper handles add fat burning exercise for the flabby waddle skin.

Though it looks like simple aluminum frame, the Gazelle has a built in computer which counts everything you do on it, so you get all the stats you need (time, pace, distance and your burned calories) to maintain a daily workout routine.

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The Gazelle Edge folding elliptical machine has extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms, so it is more safe for pregnant women than the ordinary elliptical devices. It can support weight capacity of 250 pounds, so even overweight pregnant women can use it.

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The best part in our view is that the Gazelle is a folding elliptical.

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Unlike regular ellipticals where only the front handles fold forward, and you still get a bulky wheel and pedals which can not be stored under the bed. The Gazelle folds into a slim aluminum frame which can be stored anywhere.