Feet & Ankle Exercises To Prevent Pregnancy Veins

Feet & Ankle Workout For Pregnancy Veins

 As many of you might already know, most of the pregnancy varicose veins and spider veins will develop at the lower feet and around the ankles. Doing some feet and ankle exercises can reduce the pregnancy veins and varicose veins symptom, and save many women the agony and distress which is part of this disorder.

Why Pregnancy Veins Show On Feet and Ankles

Ankle Exercises To Prevent Pregnancy VeinsThe main reason why pregnancy veins show at the feet and ankles is because the blood flow during the pregnancy month gets tampered at the lower body. The pregnancy hormones weaken the vein’s walls, the natural valve mechanism which usually prevents from the blood to flow backward is not functioning as expected, and the result is blood pooling and veins expanding.

The varicose veins syndrome happens during pregnancy due to the fact that there is an increase in the blood volume during pregnancy. All the blood which is not pumped up is pooling there. The veins pop out at the feet, ankles and behind the knees where they are thin and the slightest blood pooling causes them to expand.

Lower Feet Exercises For Pregnancy

Any exercise which a pregnant woman will do, will help lower the chances that varicose veins will develop or become severe. Any calf exercise will help blood circulation and help the blood flow better from the lower part back to the upper part.

Below you will see many tips about feet exercise which will help you reduce the varicose pains and help you manage this pregnancy symptom. All exercises can be done at home or at work, most of them can be done while sitting on a chair too, so they are perfect for office too.

Feet Exercise – Point & Flex

The first exercise is to point the feet and to pull them back. This exercise works directly on the calf muscle, causing it to stretch tight and loosen. This point and flex foot exercise will squeeze out from the lower calf any excessive blood remains back into the blood circulation.

It is recommended to do 30 rounds for each leg. Do the exercise slowly, pull the toes back wait 1-2 seconds and then stretch the toes forward (point) till the maximum you can. Wait 1-2 seconds before you begin the second cycle. You can do this anywhere, barefoot or with shoes.

Ankle Exercise – Toe Cycles

You need to be sitting down, on a chair with one foot over the other knee. Begin slow ankle cycling doing 360 degrees circles with the toes. The motion should not be too slow, try and keep a pace of 1 second to complete 360 circle with your toes. Support the ankle by placing one hand over it, so the pressure will not be only on the joints.

Do 30 circles with each foot. You can do it anywhere and wearing what ever you like.

Foot & Toes Rubber Band Stretch

Exercise Lower Feet And Ankles For Pregnancy Veins
Fitness Bands Exercise Lower Legs For Pregnancy Veins

A very simple type of exercises to prevent and reduce varicose veins and spider veins during pregnancy, it to use rubber bands. There are cheap rubber bands you can use, they are light weight to carry, can be used anywhere. Rubber band resistance requires the muscles for extra effort, so the blood flow increases.

Band Exercise #1 – Do the point & flex feet exercises with the rubber band attached, the pull motion would be more challenging.

Band Exercise #2 – Place a rubber band around the ankles/lower legs and try separating the legs apart. This exercise works on the thighs stimulating blood flow to the lower leg. It can be done on one leg too, using the band resistance in all sorts of directions.

Using rubber band exercise to the lower feet and ankles will increase the blood circulation. The muscle tension and the higher blood pressure at the feet and ankles will reduce the pregnancy veins and the varicose bulging veins.

One of the best selling rubber bands are Aylio Fitness Bands which come in 3 resistance levels (low, medium, high) for the pregnancy veins needs, use the blue band. The rest of the Aylio Fitness ands set is useful too, for upper body and arms, and to exercise the back muscles, which will reduce the pregnancy back aches.

If you do not have a set of Aylio Fitness Bands you can get a triple set here.

Lower Legs Pregnancy Veins Conclusion

The best way to treat pregnancy veins and varicose veins during pregnancy, is to do mild exercise to the lower legs and calf muscles. Doing these exercises is easy, and can be done anywhere, at home or at the office. Do 20-30 sets of each exercise each time and make sure to d it 2-3 times a day. Do not forget walking and climbing stairs circulate the blood too and need to be done 30 minutes a day.

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