How To Have Bikini Hair Removal While Pregnant

Remove Hair From Private Parts

Pregnancy Bikini line hair removalBeing pregnant means to learn to accept your body changes and live with them in peace. If you had a smooth hairless pubic and now when you are pregnant you worry which way is best to trim your bikini line and remove pubic hair while pregnant, than this short review is for you. Today many women have a bare pubic bikini line, with all the hair removed, it is thought to be sexy and hygiene and is more popular than ever.

Unless the pregnancy, pubic hair removal safety issue might not have been taken into consideration. Unlike facial hair removal during pregnancy with the baby inside, and the bikini line and private parts being so sensitive, some of the ways to remove hair may not be recommended any more.

The Laser Pubic Hair Removal

The laser hair removal machines are not recommended for bikini line hair removal for pregnant women. The laser it self has no risk, as diode laser light does not damage DNA. Doing laser treatments to remove hair from pubic can be risky and with side effects.

Laser causes heat, the heat is what eliminates the hair from the follicle. These short light snaps at the skin, (feels like a tight rubber band snap) cause pain most people can stand easily. The short burst of pain with each pulse is not recommended at the lower abdominal pregnant belly. This recommendation is relevant mainly at the third trimester, when the skin is stretched and very sensitive.

Waxing Pregnancy Bikini Line

Getting the pubic hair waxed is also not recommended at the last trimester. The warm/ hot wax can cause cramps at the lower body which can cause unpleasant feelings. Hot wax can cause burns and the private parts are too sensitive for this kind of hair removal.

One other thing concerning waxing, is that the wax is plucking the hair from the roots, causes small red bumps and slight soars. The pubic area plucked skin can get infected and infections close to the labor should be avoided.

Doing Electrolysis On Pubic

Just like with pregnancy laser hair removal, the electrolysis causes short painful needle stings, when the electric current destroys the hair root. These kind of pain can cause lower abdominal cramps, especially at the last trimester.

There is another electrolysis technology called Gelvanic electrolysis, which is prohibited on pregnant women, because this method uses a cunductive gel that together with the electric current causes a chemical reaction at the skin, which destroys the hair.

Using Hair Removal Creams On Pubic Hair

The depilation creams can be used, when they are picked out carfuly. Hair removal creams for the legs are dangarous for pubic hair removal, as their chemical substances are more severe. There are hair removal creams for sensitive skin and for bikini line, these can be used for pregnancy bikini line hair removal. Do a small test at the skin to check whether there is any reaction at the skin, if you feel irritation than this kind of hair removal cream is not for you.

The Best Way To Trim Bikini Line

Trimming the bikini line pubic hair is safe and easy when done with electric devices. These home electric shavers and trimmers were designed for bikini line and pubic hair removal. The electric trimmers (most of them cordless) allow a quick and clean bikini line trimming and safe hair removal.

The electric shavers are cheap and useful. The most famous private shaver is the Clean-Cut made of special stainless steel and Japanese technology.

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