Managing Vaginal Pregnancy Veins in Groin

Vaginal Veins in Groin During Pregnancy

Vaginal Veins in Groin During PregnancyOne of the most unpleasant varicose veins during pregnancy is the vulva veins in groin. These swollen varicose veins appear in groin and cause pain and discomfort. Here you can read more about them understand why they appear and learn more about treating these veins.

Why Varicose Veins Appear at Pregnancy

One of the first pregnancy changes which will happen at the beginning of the first trimester, is that body will produce more progesterone hormone. The progesterone hormone has an important part in relaxing the body and allowing it to be elastic and be ready for expanding. The joints are weakened, the skin tissue gets more elastic, and so does the inner veins valves.

The blood volume increases during the first trimester, that is when blue veins appear on breasts, blue veins show on stomach. The veins valves have an important part to push the blood only one way toward the heart and to prevent back flow, so the blood pulses will keep circulating. When these valves weaken and become less tight, some blood will pool at the lower parts of the body, due to the gravitation which holds it back.

Varicose veins disorder is when the veins which are the large superficial veins that supply the blood to the deeper veins get swollen from pooling blood. They can be seen as twisted strings under the skin, they can be painful, and certainly a cosmetic problem. Varicose veins usually appear down the calf’s side, thighs and swell around the groin.

Bulging Veins In Groin During Pregnancy

Bulging veins may appear in groin when the women has gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. Pregnancy weight includes the baby weight and fluids weight which both press and compress the veins which gather the blood from the lower part of the body. Varicose veins usually appear in groin during the second and third trimester.

Unlike the varicose veins in the legs, which will not disappear without treatment, the veins in groin in many cases dissolve away after the baby is born.

Prevention Of Vaginal Veins In Groin

There are some guidelines which may help reduce the severity of the varicose pregnancy veins in the groin.

Vaginal Pregnancy Veins in GroinMaintain a healthy pregnancy weight – If you are overweight when you became pregnant, you should slow down weight gain during pregnancy! You should control what you are eating and begin constant daily workout activity. The best thing would be to get a low cost folding treadmill and walk at home for 40-60 minutes a day. You do not need a $2000 treadmill, you can get a folding one for less than $600.

Do mild exercise daily – Even if you are not overweight, you should keep your blood circulating. Mild exercise will cause the muscle tones to be more tight and squeeze the blood clogging, less pooling will be created when the blood will be streaming constantly. The low cost folding treadmill at home can be a great solution for a 60 minutes daily mild walk. Get this Horizon Compact Treadmill award winning treadmill ($500) and start the prevention ASAP.

Avoid Stale Legs – It is important not to stand or sit for hours. Such stale leg position can cause pressure on veins which pass through the groin, and cause less blood flow upward. Do not sit with legs crossed, do not wear high heel shoes, as they cause muscle tension which avoids proper veins flow.

Sit or lay back with legs elevated (above heart level) so the blood will flow easily out of the clogged veins. Sleep with legs elevated for the same purpose. These will ease the veins swelling in the groin.

Compression Stockings – For treatment and prevention, wearing a compression stocking or compression hose, will make a tension which avoids veins expansion. The compression hose should be worn first thing in the morning before getting off the bed so the no blood will be at the lower body veins yet.

bulging veins in groin during pregnancyUse Pregnancy Pillow Daily – Sleeping on the left side can reduce the pressure the fetus places on the inner vulva veins. Using a pregnancy pillow between the knees, you can keep the knees parallel and reduce the stress crossed legs at night have on veins blood flow.

When you come to think of it, a woman might avoid crossing legs all day, but sleeping 4-5 hours on side which cause the ankles to cross. Pregnancy pillows are not expensive and worth the good night sleep.


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