7 Pregnancy Gifts No One Else Will Buy You

Seven Pregnancy Gift Goodies…

The list here is of products you do don’t have to buy, you can certainly have a safe pregnancy without them.


If you DO have them.. these small gifts are ‘nice to have’, will make your pregnancy life simply brighter and happier.

1. Pregnancy Body pillow

These is a small cuddling treat that may turn your sleepless night to much more relaxing and comfortable. One of the early pregnancy symptoms is the fatigue, your ever changing body will be going through so much changes and it will exhaust you down. Reasons for the fatigue is the fact that as the belly gets larger, you will be carrying more weight around, swelling feet, breast tenderness, varicose pains and other night pregnancy symptoms each alone and all together will make a full night sleep a long forgotten dream…

The body pillow is a cozy friend you will soon will not be able to drift to sleep without. The Pregnancy pillow is planned for more relaxing side sleep position, supporting the head, the abdominal and the legs, allowing better blood circulation, hugging it will be your last memory at night.

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2. Belly Band – Genius gift.. 

There is something all women find annoying when the second trimester knocks at the door, and that is the ever expanding belly and the fact that most of your  jeans, and pants will not fit any more. Lets be honest – as any pregnant woman will tell you – binding a growing tummy is just a no no! Every woman has the cloth she likes to wear to work, the same outfit that she knows she looks best with, but in the middle of the pregnancy suddenly the buttons will not reach, the jeans will not fit. Soon nothing fits! Your regular clothes too small & maternity clothes too big.

The belly band is a genius invention it will gap your cloth hold in place all your regular cloth, you will not have to buy and wear maternity cloth too early, and keep feeling beautiful fashionable as always. The Belly Band helps you feel free ! It comes in black and white so it can fit with whatever you feel like wearing, to be pregnant and schick & beautiful.

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3. Pregnancy Sound System

This is the perfect pregnancy gift for yourself, just because it is something no one else will buy you or your baby. When getting pregnant people become very practical they ask “what do we NEED?”. You as may get many gifts but at this stage no one will think of your baby.. except you.. This pregnancy sound system allows you and your baby to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music, while being supportive, safe, and stylish at the same time. Reactive listening begins at 17 weeks, extensive scientific research shows numerous positive contributions of music to human fetal development.

Give your child a calm Mozart at the morning or a beat rhythm when you are doing sports, record his dad reading a story and let your baby listen to it! Let your child begin life with a small advantage.

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4. Pregnancy Sex pillow

This may not be on the regular ‘nice to have’ pregnancy gift list, but lets be honest – this is a very nice gift to have! There are many questions about is it safe to have sex while pregnant, and the answer is – YES. But having all the hormones and body changes (breast tenderness) makes having sex it a little more difficult. One of the most upsetting things for pregnant women is the feeling they are neglecting their partner sexually.

But it don’t have to be that way, the special pregnancy sex pillow is designed to help couples who want to enhance their intimate moments, and have weight difference of 40 to 50 lbs or a height difference of 4 to 5 inches, enjoy better love life – especially during pregnancy. The love cushion will help you have an easier position, and your partner the right excitement and affection he needs.

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5. Pregnancy Without Pounds

If you ask 100 women what is their greatest pregnancy concern, 99 will say “not losing my body”.. “having my body back as it was”.. But with the food craving and the need for extra calories, too many women find that they end up heaver that they planned and unattractive. If there is one gift that will make you feel sexy, attractive and energetic is a pregnancy workout plan.

This program is packed with tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, helping you get the body you had and even better, and for most pregnant woman, I know that would be PRICELESS.

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6. Shower Hug

Breast tenderness are pains only pregnant women know and feel, this little lifesaver is present only you will fully appreciate. The Shower Hug is a wonderfully soft bandeau wrap essential to soothe breast pain associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding. This snugly shower hug may be worn in or out of the shower.  While showering, The Shower Hug helps ease breast pain (!) by creating a barrier between your tender breasts and stinging shower sprays while simultaneously absorbing shower water to create a comforting warm compress. 

You will love yourself everyday, after buying this snugly shower hug.

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7. Stretch Mark Butter

Some women take the stretch marks as a given fact, while they can be eased and eliminated. You will be much more relaxed as you know you can avoid stretch marks. This may be the yummiest, purest, creamiest, melt-in-your-skin butter you could possibly use. Loaded it with Omega 3, 6 and 9 to ensure your skin has the best fighting chance against stretch marks. One scoop and you’ll know Tummy Rub Butter deserves every award and accolade it has won.

It smells gorgeous, makes you feel gorgeous and is a pleasure to use.

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These seven goodies can make pregnancy more cozy, bright , pleasant and comfortable . You deserve it.


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