5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Gifts for Pregnant Wife – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day February 14 2012 is a day to show those we love, how much we love them. During first pregnancy month, women tend to have hormones turbulence which may effect the way they feel about themselves. What kind of small gift ideas for pregnant wife are suitable for valentine’s day. In this review we will share with you 5 Valentine’s day gifts for your pregnant wife.

The Simple Valentine’s Gift

This gift is fast and friendly, some wives would prefer to save the chocolates and sexy lingerie and do their own shopping! Because women love shopping so much, a smart present would be to let her shop Amazon for herself. An Amazon.com Gift Cards – In a Greeting Card – Free One-Day Shipping can solve busy husbands a lot of trouble. It is important to put it in a nice red box, add a love note and place it under her pillow.

The Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Pregnant wife valentine's day pillows gifts
Tell Her That You Love Here

Mentioning a pillow, a cute gift for your pregnant wife is a sweet “From My Heart to Yours” pillow case. Women love beddings and bed covers. There are several cute pillow covers with animated “him” sending a kisses and love to the animated “her”.

Your pregnant wife will be happy to place her head at Valentine’s day (and any other day) with these cute sweet pure white “I love you” pillow covers.

Check these lovely animated Valentine’s day love pillow covers for your pregnant wife. The best designs are “him” sending a kiss to “her”; a “him” talking sweet love to “her” or “him catching “her” hearts with a butterfly net.

Valentine’s Day Silk Nightgown and Robe Set

Valentine’s day gift all women love to get and they never seem to have enough.. is sleeping pajamas. These Silk Pajamas Women’s Sleepwear are so beautiful and so comfortable, your pregnant wife would feel so special every time she slips into them.

Pregnancy pajamas for valentines dayPregnancy silk Robe for valentines day

These Silk Pajamas Women’s Sleepwear (right pic) have a wide design so they are perfect to fit  a first or second trimester belly.

For those with late third trimester pregnancy belly, a wide Silk Nightgown and Robe Set, 100% Silk, (left pic) Hand Painted Gift could be more comfortable. The 100% silk is so luxury and loving, it is a perfect pregnant wife Valentine’s day gift at third trimester.

Valentine’s Gift Baskets of Luxury Spa Bath

Except beddings and sleeping wear, women love beauty basket gifts. They are always full of surprises women love to explore. The luxurious spa collection hand-arranged in a cotton-lined keepsake gift basket, with vanilla scented spa products and 100 percent cotton spa towel, includes sweet butter cookies, handmade caramels, and cafe latte.

Women love these gifts because they are hand crafted, tied with ribbons. Make sure you include a personalized gift message with all the sweet words she needs to hear. The Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Spa Bath (see below) is a perfect Valentine’s gift to pamper your pregnant women.

Pregnancy Wife Gift Baskets for valentine's day